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A guy from the University of Hong Kong, studying in the Department of Architecture for going to finish the degree study in the coming year, "Forced" to do this project, but starting to have fun from it.

Congratulations H0119907, your user page has been chosen as the page to which all the other HKU accounts redirect.

This page is just intended to be a place where puzzled Wikipedians can gather and try to work out what you're all doing creating strangely named accounts. Other HKU students should feel free to click on the "redirected from" link above, and create their own user page. If any of you like the place, and decide to keep contributing after the project has finished, please create another, better named user account for yourself.

HKU students: welcome to Wikipedia. A few tips for you:

  • Peruse Wikipedia:Welcome, newcomers and associated pages
  • Sign talk page entries with ~~~~, which is automatically converted to a name and date
  • If you can't work something out, you can ask questions on Wikipedia:Village pump (just not all of you at once!)
  • Have fun.

-- Tim Starling 04:54 16 Jul 2003 (UTC)