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Anders Torstenson (politician)

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Anders Torstenson, attributed to David Klöcker Ehrenstrahl

Anders Torstenson (20 January 1641, Stralsund - 8 November 1686, Stockholm) was a Swedish Privy Councilor, Governor-General and Count.


His father, Lennart Torstensson, was a military officer with the rank of Fältmarskalk (Field Marshal), who was later ennobled as a Count. Out of five children, he was the only one to reach adulthood. Three died as infants and his brother, Gustaf Adolf (1634-1653), was killed in a duel.

He was sent to Uppsala in 1649, to complete his primary education. Three years later, he served as a chamber page for Queen Christina. From 1659 to 1663, he travelled abroad. Upon his return, he became a lieutenant in the Svea Life Guards, and was promoted to captain the following year.

In 1665, he married Countess Christina Catharina Stenbock (1649–1719), the daughter of Admiral Gustaf Otto Stenbock.[1] They had fifteen children; eight girls and seven boys, most of whom died prematurely. His namesake son, Anders Torstensen [sv], a colonel, was killed at the Battle of Poltava. His next-to-last child, Carl Ulrik Torstenson [sv] also became a colonel, with the Närke-Värmland Regiment,[2] and died suddenly, while on a trip to visit the spa in Aachen.

He was promoted to colonel in 1667, and received an appointment as "Master of the Horse". In 1673, he became a member of the Riksråd (Council of the Realm, or Privy Council). He had served for only a year when he resigned, to become the first Governor-General of Estland, part of the Swedish province of Livonia. He held that post until 1681.

In 1684, he was appointed President of the Åbo hovrätt [sv], an appellate court in what is now Finland. Due to an illness, he never took up his duties. He died two years later.[3]


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