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"Modern Times"...[edit]

Saddam Husseins strategy in al-Anfal campaign was not fuelled with an intention to "Arabize" Kurdish-speaking groups in Kirkuk. He was in fact trying to spread out the opposers of the solidarity of the state. If the rebellion against him wasn't staged for political and economical gain by the Kurds, the Anfal campaign wouldn't have come to fruitition, thereby debunking any claim that it was "forced" Arabization. I think we need to revise that section.

Early Antiquity[edit]

The Neo-Babylonians spoke Aramaic, not Akkadian (the language of the Old Babylonian Empire with Sargon, etc...). A reference for claiming that Akkadian was particularly close to Arabic would be useful. Anyway, the passage down to the Nabateans is pretty much off the mark

Arabic vs. Arab[edit]

Arabic is the language. Arab is the race/ethnicity/culture/identity. If you do not know the difference between Arabic and Arab, please do not edit the article and fill it with inaccurate terminology.

what of political, socioeconomic consequences[edit]

if tarabia itselfority was to 'arabify' and 'islamise' populations not natively either, shouldn't it be compared with other potential government decisions or programs (if not 'implicit' decisions made by some of the migrated bedouins or such, since this/other articles partially emphasize their profound effect on indigenous demographics and culture, customs), such that would've prioritized economic and other collective 'well being' of the peoples, vs. religious doctrine and ethnic identity politics, including externally standing reputation and perceptions. also, it'd seem pertinent to mention if any pressure to 'thoroughly' arabize the present society, came at least in part via previously migrated tribes from arabia, given their relatively large numbers, and varying distance from historical arabia, through members thereof.

for example, if there's any research on where those countries might've been located on various economic, health, life expectancy international indexes, and if as far down on such lists, yet practically as high on arab and muslim identity as arabia, as since the ethnic programs took effect.. (talk) 09:25, 14 JuneC)